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Handmade Tile - Oak Trees
Terra Firma offers a complete line of Handmade, Stoneware Tile showcasing original designs true in spirit to the Arts & Crafts Tradition. We produce a wide range of bas-relief decorative designs, architectural mouldings and flat field tile in sizes 1x1 to 8x8 for use on fireplace surrounds and hearths, kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, showers, swimming pools and fountains. From initial design to final packaging, all tile are produced here in the U.S. at our studio/factory from the finest materials available.

Handmade from the highest quality stoneware clay body, all tile are suitable for use indoors or out. Using an updated version of an age old process, raw clay is pressed into plaster molds duplicating the original design. It is then finished, bisque fired and glazed by hand. Though more labor intensive than spray application and requiring the touch of a skilled artisan, brush application gives the glaze a depth and richness unique to handmade tile. Glazed in rich bronzes, greens, blues and yellows with complex patinas, their handmade elegance is, by its very nature, refreshingly organic.

We are a family business founded in 1997 by the husband and wife team of Elizabeth Whitfield-Cargile and Gary Cargile. Elizabeth earned an MFA in Printmaking and Sculpture from Tulane University (the home of Newcomb Pottery); Gary a BFA in Sculpture and Ceramics from the University of SC.

As artists, we found a disappointing discrepancy between what was available on the market in terms of architectural elements for the home, and what we have admired in older American homes and travels in Europe. We believe that it is largely the handprint of the craftsman that has accounted for this notable difference and feel its absence is particularly missed in an environment one wants to call home. It was our desire to do our part to in some measure restore this timeless sense of beauty that led us to establish Terra Firma.

Whether you need a few decorative accents or a complete installation, we hope you will find our handmade tile appealing and derive from it as much pleasure as we do in producing it for you.
Handmade Tile - Ginkgo
Handmade Tile - Ginkgo

In the Spirit of the Arts & Crafts Movement

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Paintings by E. Whitfield-Cargile